Feng Shui Gold

A full consultation consists of:

  • Initial discussion to find out what the client would like to get out of the consultation
  • Life evaluation and questionnaire sent to client, with request for floor plans.  When these are returned, an appointment is made for the consultation.Life Evaluation Form
  • A consultation with the client to clarify points made on the questionnaire.
  • Walk round with the client to reinforce any point of concern or interest
  • Analysis of the space by consultant using the bagua
  • Plans and recommendations prepared and verbal feedback with recommendations given to client
  • A full written report is prepared

The on site part of the consultation will take about 3-5 hours.

Recommendations are made for you to implement the changes you need to make for things to improve. It’s difficult to assess your own home as you’re far too close to it to be able to objectively see what’s really going on.

All recommendations are made to cater to your individual tastes, aspirations and values.  The written report will give the reasons for the recommendations and what effect they are designed to have.

When implementing a recommendation, do it with positive intention.  Be clear about what you want to achieve.  Make sure you understand the difference between what you want and what you need.  Ask that it is done for the highest good of all.  Let go of the outcome, do not try to anticipate how your goal will be achieved.  If you limit your view on how events should occur, you limit your possibilities.

 Included in the consultation are use of the bagua and nine star Ki astrology.


 The Bagua

The bagua is perhaps the best known concept of feng shui. It is an imaginary grid placed over homes, rooms, offices etc. which divides them into nine areas which represent different areas of life. It is a very useful tool for focusing on particular issues. The positioning of the areas is determined by one of two different methods: by compass directions (compass method) or by the position of the front door (the ‘3 door gate’ bagua). Both of these methods are effective, but each suits different needs better.

Nine Star Ki Astrology – Feng Shui Astrology

Nine Star Ki Astrology, also known as feng shui astrology, is used in conjunction with feng shui as it focuses on the same nine energies referred to in the feng shui bagua.  It is a system of personality analysis which provides detailed and fascinating insights into the very different ways in which we interact, come across to others, respond to stress, achieve happiness, behave at work, manage our lives etc. The insights can transform our relationships and greatly help us to achieve fulfilment in life.


Things that can affect your environment

Layout and furniture positions

The layout of rooms and buildings is fundamental to feng shui, and small changes to layout can have profound effects on our daily lives. Where space is limited and there is little choice about placement, I focus on the position of key items of furniture such as beds, sofas, desks, and chairs where practical.

Artwork and ornaments

A recent study of artwork in hospitals showed that people recovered the slowest in wards with abstract pictures, whereas the fastest recoveries were in the rooms with natural landscapes on the wall.  Artwork is a powerful tool and can be used to instil a huge range of qualities – creativity, harmony, romance, passion, calm, joy etc.


Healthy Home

The environment in which we live has changed dramatically, particularly in the last 50 years, and the scope of feng shui in the west has been significantly expanded to address common modern problems such as:

  • Electro-magnetic fields or electromagnetic radiation (EMR): wiring in our homes and offices can have a strong effect on our health, energy and mood.
  • High Frequency Electro- magnetic fields.  These include signals from mobile phone masts, mobile phones, cordless (DECT) phones and wi-fi.  These fields can have a detrimental effect on health, especially in places where you spend a lot of time e.g. the bedroom.
  •  Geopathic stress: this is radiation arising from the earth. It can seriously affect our health and can lower the immune system and can lead to a wide range of health problems including chronic fatigue, headache, sleep problems, poor concentration.
  • Clutter: this is a big issue in the western world of consumerism. It has a huge impact on lives and businesses, affecting us mentally, emotionally and physically. Controlling it can be a huge challenge, but the rewards are often immense.  Because this is such a big topic, it is covered as a separate service.  Clutter Clearing


Healthy home assessments which involve Electro Magnetic Field measurements and Geopathic Stress testing are incorporated into full feng shui consultations.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are a part of everyday life and difficult to eliminate, however it is possible to reduce exposure as much as possible.  High Frequency EMFs include mobile phone signals, cordless phone signals and wifi.  Low frequency EMFs are produced by anything that comes through your fuse box, appliances, wiring and lighting circuits.

I have equipment to measure these fields and advise how, practically, to reduce exposure.

This is particularly important for areas where you spend a lot of time sitting and where you sleep. Sleep is very important for the body to repair and regenerate at a cellular level, it is also when the brain detoxifies. Reducing electro magnetic fields in the bedroom will help you to have good quality sleep to benefit overall health.

Geopathic stress occurs when the Earths energy lines (Ley lines) become distorted and resonate at a frequency which can be harmful to health.  There has been a lot of research done on this in parts of Europe, however is not as well known in the UK.  Detection and harmonisation of these lines are carried out as part of a healthy home consultation.


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