Feng Shui

Trish is an empathic, personable and practical Feng Shui expert and a pleasure to work with.  She checked out my office, living room and bedroom and made a few simple and cost effective suggestions for improving the energy flows, such as moving pictures and plants etc.  I’ve implemented 3 of these so far, which cost nothing, & and already can feel a huge improvement in my energy for work and ability to relax.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.  JH


Trish came to perform Feng Shui on my house. She sent me a form to complete before she arrived, this was incredibly helpful, it made me look at different areas of my life and rate accordingly.  Probably the biggest challenge was answering the questions honestly, there was definite benefit to doing so.  I picked out three areas of my life that I wanted us to work on and left Trish to ‘do her stuff’.

What was interesting was that after a while I asked Trish what she had done as the house suddenly felt different.  Apparently, she did some work on the ley lines that crossed the house.  I could actually feel the difference.  My hall which both my partner and I disliked, suddenly felt welcoming.  No one was more surprised than me. Trish explained to me what to do in the house to improve the three areas of my life – all of it practical.  She also checked the magnetic and electrical fields around the bed which again resulted in practical changes and better sleep.

It was a fascinating experience and I definitely would recommend both Trish and Feng Shui.  JE


Prior to her visit, Trish sent some forms to fill in which were to give her an idea of what was going on in our lives.

The main thing for me was my husband’s health – for no apparent reason he suddenly developed fibromyalgia 2 years ago.  We didn’t know it was fibromyalgia until he had had loads of tests, had been hospitalised and had been through various courses of medication – all to no avail.  He was in continuous pain, with swollen joints and was not sleeping well at all

Trish spent some time dowsing and cured some geopathic stress that she found in the lounge, but then using a meter she was measuring the microwaves around the beds.  On my husband’s side of the bed the meter suddenly started buzzing frantically!  On his side of the bed was a cord free phone and a clock radio – both producing electronic signals.

I was advised to move them both away from the pillow area on the bedside table, which I did and to my amazement, my husband started to sleep better and recover the use of his limbs.

I cannot say that he is 100% cured but there is no doubt that he is SO much better than he was.  RF