Clutter Clearing

Clutter causes confusion and drains your energy, by clearing it you will feel more energetic, be able to think more clearly and feel happier which will have a positive impact on your health.

I offer clutter clearing services for homes and offices to create a fresh energised space.

Battling through clutter can feel like wading through treacle, looking for stuff eats up time and causes frustration.  It can also result in you buying stuff that you already have but can’t find, therefore costing you money and taking up even more space.  See what one of my clients had to say to support this further down the page.

By using my feng shui consultation skills I can help you to assess what you really need and identify what constitutes clutter.

If you need some help to do it yourself, my book contains lots of handy hints.  It is a light hearted practical guide to help you free up your space.

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Clutter clearing  – £25 per hour, minimum 2 hours

Happy Client


Office cluttered with boxes, paper and folders

Surfaces covered, piles of unrecognisable documents and out of date box files

Drawers full of unused, unusable items, duplicates

No space to work, always spending too much time to find records

Time wasted, inefficient, not the best environment


Two clear surfaces to work on, 80 per cent of floor space available, all documents sorted

Pleasant place to work, new habits evolving to keep the place tidy for longer but will review in three months time

Thanks to Trish de-cluttering provided immediate benefits of saving time, not wasting energy and improving my productivity.  RM