I have a passion for helping people to improve their lives by having happy surroundings to live and work in which create positive energy to mirror their aspirations.  By enhancing the environment you can enjoy better mental clarity, improved sleep and wellbeing.

I offer traditional feng shui and clutter clearing.

I love clutter clearing!  Clutter causes confusion and draws energy from the environment.  By clearing out old and unnecessary things and organising what you have left, you will feel more energised, calmer and make space for new things to come into your life.

I  have a particular interest in sleep and getting good balance in and around the bedroom. You should spend a third of your time sleeping, this is when your body repairs and recharges, therefore the bedroom is key to promoting good health.

As a qualified feng shui practitioner and holistic therapist, I  bring many aspects of my training to help you to re-energise your space.

My clients have told me that they feel more focused, positive and have more energy from implementing the recommendations from my consultations.

I practice in a very simple, practical and sympathetic manner with the clients choices and preferences as a top priority.