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Indian Head Massage and Reiki 

Based on the Ayurvedic system of healing, Indian head massage has been practised for over a thousand years to relieve stress, improve mental clarity and promote a strong immune system.
Focusing on the neck, shoulders, upper back and head, the massage gently stimulates blood flow and decreases muscle tension.  With the improved circulation, lymphatic drainage is also increased to remove toxins, which is very beneficial for clear sinuses and healthy skin.
Today’s technology orientated lifestyle can have a huge impact on both our physical and mental well-being.  Indian head massage provides the ideal combination of relaxation and muscle relief to maintain a healthy balance.  By removing tension and increasing blood flow, it produces an overall calming effect which allows for clearer thought and better sleep.
Having experienced for myself the benefits of Indian head massage, I trained in this holistic therapy to bring the same improvement of life quality to others, as I am a passionate believer in the concept of Ayurveda and the promotion of its principles.

Therapies are available at my private treatment room in Windsor, Berkshire or as a mobile service within a 5 mile radius of Windsor.

Cost – £25 for 30 minutes


Reiki is a holistic therapy developed in Japan, which works on the seven main chakras to achieve balance and enhance the body’s natural healing ability to aid recovery from illness and injury.
By channelling energy across the plexuses of the body and exciting the nervous system, reiki works to unblock the chakras, reduce blood pressure and increase serotonin.  The therapist’s hands scan over the body to identify anything which is out of tune and places hands on or just above the body to energise these areas.
It has a soothing effect which will help to release emotional imbalances as well as physical.  Reiki is a powerful method for reducing anxiety, and assists with sleep and mental clarity in addition to its healing principles.
I strongly believe in the power of reiki and use it regularly in many aspects, not limited to just physical healing. It is fantastic for de-stressing and simplifying life – so important in today’s overly busy society. Improved sleep and immunity are essential for maintaining well-being, and reiki is hugely beneficial to both of these.

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Therapies are available at my private treatment room in Windsor, Berkshire or as a mobile service within a 5 mile radius of Windsor.


£25 for 40 minute

£35 for 1 hour



“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour”.  –  Old Zen adage

Over recent years, research has shown that meditation has a great number of benefits to health.  It can reduce stress and anxiety, promote mental clarity, reduce blood pressure and help to prevent illness and disease.

Sample meditations:



Details of classes will be posted when dates are available.

Group sessions and one to one meditations are available on request.


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