October is here and there are lots of campaigns running to encourage healthy lifestyles.   Let me introduce #Shedtober

Looking at nature, the leaves on the trees are changing colour, ready to be shed.  After a strange year, weather wise, we have been blessed with a pleasant autumn.

What better way to get fit than get into the shed and get it in order.  Sheds are notorious for accumulating all sorts of clutter, stuffed at the back and then long forgotten.

Take advantage of the warmish weather and do what the trees are getting ready for – Shedding!

Before you pack away the trappings of summer, if you even have space, take everything out and have a good old sort through.  Those dried up pots of paint will never come in handy, nor will lots of other stuff which may well have perished over the years of neglect.

Its time to Shed the Shed.

You might even have some space at the end of the exercise to make better use of that precious space.  I am a self confessed sheddie and even I have a few bits to get rid of.

Lets start a new craze!

Lets get ready to sheddy.


Have fun




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