Happy Chinese New Year

After a few weeks working to deep clean my house, I finished the day before Chinese New Year.  At Chinese new year, you shouldn’t do any cleaning or sweeping because it is symbolic of sweeping away good fortune.   There were a few other rules that were mentioned, some of these were simply things you would incorporate into your way of life, others were symbolic of bringing good fortune.

In Feng Shui there is a great deal of symbolism, this is great if you are trying to introduce an element which ordinarily wouldn’t fit in with your surroundings.

I often find that my clients have a liking for something and then go a bit overboard with that which can lead to overload of one element at the expense of the rest, the result is lack of balance.  Use of colour is a great way of bringing an element into the space without having to make major changes.

Flowering plants and flowers can be used to great effect to introduce colour and are quick and easy.  If you aren’t so keen on plants, small ornaments, vases or a splash of colour in the decor can help to restore the balance.

Shapes, textures and lighting help to create the mood that you need for each space.  Feng shui enhancements do not have to be complex or expensive, in fact they rarely are.

I have certainly learned a few things from the cleaning exercise.  There are some decorating products that I shan’t be buying again!  I also need to make sure that everything is easy to take apart for cleaning, sadly some light fittings aren’t – very frustrating.

I now have one piece of furniture to send off to charity and I am ready to enjoy the year ahead.  I have moved into a fire house which is going to be an energetic time.  What have you got to look forward to?


Best wishes



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