Tip of the week. If you need to take your mobile into the bedroom, turn it on to Airplane mode, this stops it sending out pulses to get a signal. If you need to plug in the charger, make sure it is as far away from the bed as possible, especially away from your head.

When you are sleeping, your brain is working hard.  During the day it is bombarded with all sorts of external stimuli, visual, aural and sensory.  Sleep is when these stimuli need to be removed so that your brain can process the information it has learned through the day.  This is the only state when the brain can detox and remove harmful chemicals that have built up during the day.

Having electrical stimuli disturbs the brain from carrying out these important functions efficiently.  We all feel better after a good nights sleep, so let your phone have a rest as well.  Unless you are a front line member of the emergency services, those e-mails and texts can wait until the morning.

Sleep well