Happy Chinese New Year

After a few weeks working to deep clean my house, I finished the day before Chinese New Year.  At Chinese new year, you shouldn’t do any cleaning or sweeping because it is symbolic of sweeping away good fortune.   There were a few other rules that were mentioned, some of these were simply things you would incorporate into your way of life, others were symbolic of bringing good fortune.

In Feng Shui there is a great deal of symbolism, this is great if you are trying to introduce an element which ordinarily wouldn’t fit in with your surroundings.

I often find that my clients have a liking for something and then go a bit overboard with that which can lead to overload of one element at the expense of the rest, the result is lack of balance.  Use of colour is a great way of bringing an element into the space without having to make major changes.

Flowering plants and flowers can be used to great effect to introduce colour and are quick and easy.  If you aren’t so keen on plants, small ornaments, vases or a splash of colour in the decor can help to restore the balance.

Shapes, textures and lighting help to create the mood that you need for each space.  Feng shui enhancements do not have to be complex or expensive, in fact they rarely are.

I have certainly learned a few things from the cleaning exercise.  There are some decorating products that I shan’t be buying again!  I also need to make sure that everything is easy to take apart for cleaning, sadly some light fittings aren’t – very frustrating.

I now have one piece of furniture to send off to charity and I am ready to enjoy the year ahead.  I have moved into a fire house which is going to be an energetic time.  What have you got to look forward to?


Best wishes



Colour your views

I hope January has been good for you.

I have certainly gone some way to getting some of my targets moving in the right direction.

My big project for the start of the year is a thorough deep clean of the house, this has also flagged up the need for some decorating.

The kitchen was in need of a freshen up, and as I mentioned last time, I remembered buying the paint for it a couple of years ago.  How our memories play tricks on us.  Maybe we looked at it in the DIY store, however there was definitely no paint in evidence amongst out collection of decorating materials.  I chose some colours to use on the areas that looked most in need of painting.  I decided to be a little bolder than usual and picked some brighter shades than I would normally have chosen.  Colour is very powerful in creating an atmosphere in a room.  The new colours have made the walls look more vibrant and cheerful.  The lobby by the back door was originally magnolia, this is now a gentle peppermint green.  The magnolia really looked as if we hadn’t finished the job since the builders were here, the area looks as if it belongs in the house now.

The kitchen is now primrose as opposed to buttermilk which was a very wishy washy attempt at a yellow which didn’t do anything for the room.  My son was quite shocked when he came in and saw it.  This reminded me of the paint advert from a few years ago when a couple painted their adult sons bedroom bright yellow, which then prompted him to leave home – worth a try!

There is one more room to paint and a bit of repair work in the shower room.  If we went mad and decorated the whole house, it would all need to be done again at the same time.  As with anything, little and well paced will get the job done well.  This goes for decluttering as well.

I hope that this years decorating session will be completed by Chinese new year, which is 16th February this year.

The cleaning is still going in the right direction but there is only so much that I can take in one session.  Cupboards have been emptied, cleaned and the contents sorted for usefulness and ease of use.  There were some horrors in the utility room cupboard, I would have chucked some of these bits out, however my husband (who is a bit of a hoarder) told me to put them in a box and he would take them to the shed, just in case!

I have been able to look at rooms from a lot of different perspectives whilst going through this exercise, from lying on the floor, to looking  down from the top of a ladder.  It is almost like seeing the spaces with a fresh pair of eyes.

I will plan the rest of the cleaning programme as well as putting some details to other goals this month ready to get an action plan in place.  Hopefully, when the lions share of the work in the house is done, the weather will be kind enough to let me get outside and get started on the allotment.

Whatever you set out to do this year, either personal or business goals, keep moving forward.  Sometimes things will flow well and other times you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere.  As long as you are going in the right direction, you will be surprised by how much you have achieved when you look back.

With Best wishes